On the set of Thralls

These are the cursed pictures, y'know, the ones that were shot on Tungsten-balanced 320 slide film, pushed a stop-and-a-half - and then developed by the lab as negatives. Yep. I swear. There was even a note from the lab that said they tried to reverse-process the negatives back into slides. These are the best prints I could get off this mess.Grrr...Anyways, just click any picture below to enlarge.

Here's the rave's bar. You can just barely make out Buzz crouched on the bar top at left, while Leslie stands behind it at right Steadicam operator prepares to shoot a scene (check out those lights!) Ron Oliver (back to us in the foreground) directs a group shot. Lorenzo Lamas as Mr. Jones is at left; the two women at center are Lean and Buzz; Leslie stands to the right.
This is Rennie (Richard Cox) and Mr. Jones (Lorenzo Lamas). Rennie has been vamped and then run over by a truck, hence his appearance. This is Siri Baruc as Ashley, in the women's private living quarters set. Here's Ron Oliver (far left) behind one of the high-def video cameras