Photos from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Lisa works on the hexagon bridge Lisa works on Vger Vger
This is me working on the hexagon bridge miniature (sorry, I don't remember who took this photo or the next one for me - but thanks!) Me again, working on the interior of Vger The finished interior of Vger, seen under normal lighting
The lit interior of Vger Me again, working inside a nearly-finished Vger

Photos from Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Special Edition

Lisa works on CE3K Greg J. on CE3K CE3K Mothership
This is me looking tired as we pull another late-nighter on CE3K Here's Greg Jein, one of the world's great modelmakers, halfway through an all-nighter The finished mothership interior

Photos from The Abyss

Puppet from THE ABYSS ABYSS puppets ABYSS puppets
I worked on The Abyss longer than I worked on any other movie (including ones I wrote!). One of my chief jobs was assisting Henry Darnell in making scale model diver puppets. This is one of several different scales of Ed Harris puppets. These are 1/8th scale diver puppets Here are the finished puppets in place on a miniature sub, during filming
Alien ship from THE ABYSS Deep Core The ABYSS Manta
This is the large-scale model of the alien ship that rises at the end. This is the biggest of the various "Deep Core" model That's Mike Stuart at right laying out pieces of the alien manta

Photos from The Beast Within

Tom and The Beast Me and The Beast's Skin
Okay, I didn't actually work on The Beast Within, but I was around it a lot (I was dating the lead actor), and it's where I got to know Tom Burman. This is Tom and The Beast hisself.. This is me with my ex-boyfriend's skin. Do I look happy?

Photos from One Dark Night

One Dark Night One Dark Night
I worked on One Dark Night as a sculptor for Tom Burman. This is my little girl. Head of the little girl, who was supposed to have died by drowning.


One Dark Night
I sometimes get calls to take photos of friends' movies. This is my pal Bob Short trying to get a recalcitrant blood tube to work on Scared to Death