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The fabulous Schnutz Burman, co-star of Meet the Hollowheads. Can you guess his dad's a makeup artist? Taken with whatever camera was handy when Schnutz posed.This is a "Taihu" rock from the magnificent Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden in Vancouver, and is completely natural, formed by acidic lake water. Taken with a Sharp digital camera on a very cold day in February 2004.In September 2003 a friend of ours got married on a beach near Point Reyes, Northern California, and the beach was covered with thousands of dead jellyfish. Freaky. Taken with the little Sharp digital camera we brought just for wedding photos - but this is waaaayyy cooler, ain't it?
Somewhere on the Pear Blossom Highway in the desert north of L.A. is a place where buffalo burgers are sold next to the Golden Arches. Only in America...Not really a photo, I know, but too good to pass up...this spilled out of a book on a writing one day. At last - the secrets of good storytelling revealed. You'll probably want to print this out and keep it for yourself. The Holga strikes again! The World's Worst Camera captured this somewhat psychedelic view of Disneyland's most psychedelic ride (Alice in Wonderland).
Happy 4th of July! What could be more American than a shopping cart full of kids at a fireworks stand? Telephoto lens on Sharp digital camera. This photo is from the production Patriot Act, which ran in 2004 at the acclaimed Santa Monica theatre company City Garage. This was shot on Kodak TMax3200 on a Canon A-1, at ASA 2000. Here's the first in a series of photos of Great Film Locations: This fountain from Valhalla Memorial Cemetery in Burbank has appeared in the blaxpoitation classics Truck Turner and Friday Foster. Shot with The World's Worst Camera, the Holga.
Something in honor of Walpurgisnacht...from the late great Hallowed Haunting Ground. Not weird, but pretty irresistible: Zola (the official shop cat at Iliad Bookshop) asleep in the warm afternoon sunlight. Poor dumb animals. Too bad they can't tell us what they want.
Happy Dia De Los Muertos! (from the 2009 Dia De Los Muertos festivities at Hollywood Forever Cemetery) Los Angeles sunset, winter solstice 2009 A prime candidate in the "Dear God, what were they thinking?" sweepstakes: A children's slide called "Helter Skelter" (found on the Brighton pier)
Amazing Victorian house photographed in the Angelino Heights district near downtown Los Angeles on February 4, 2011 One of my co-workers recently went on vacation, and I took care of his cat...which means I also took care of Mildred, the crazycute 'hood squirrel who likes to crawl up your pants leg to take a peanut from your fingers. It's Miss Roxie, modeling her ultra-chic Halloween hat from the 99 Cent Store. Doesn't she look thrilled?

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All photos 2004 Lisa Morton