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Witch HuntsWITCH HUNTS: A GRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE BURNING TIMES, co-written with Rocky Wood and illustrated by Greg Chapman, published by McFarland in June 2012.

For three centuries, as the Black Death rampaged through Europe and the Reformation tore the Church apart, tens of thousands were arrested as witches and subjected to torture and execution, including being burned alive. This graphic novel examines the background; the witch hunters’ methods; who profited; the brave few who protested; and how the Enlightenment gradually replaced fear and superstition with reason and science. Famed witch hunters Heinrich Kramer, architect of the infamous Malleus Maleficarum, and Matthew Hopkins, England’s notorious "Witchfinder General," are covered as are the Salem Witch Trials and the last executions in Europe.

For more information on the book and to view some of the illustrations, please visit Witch Hunts - the graphic novel.

Winner of the 2012 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel, presented by the Horror Writers Association.

"Enlightening, entertaining, and marvelously illustrated, WITCH HUNTS is a splendid and comprehensive guide to the Burning Times." - J. L. Comeau
The Tomb of Dark Delights

"Whether you are a graphic novel fan, a horror aficionado or even a scholar of history, WITCH HUNTS is a must-have compendium of art...Glossy, defined, and above all enlightening, all three authors have outdone themselves creating a dark epoch of human history and making this an experience that far exceeded my expectations." - Matthew Tait

"Do yourself a favor and pick up this absolutely stunning non-fiction graphic novel, it is eye opening and meticulously presented. It will linger with you long after you put it down and I give it my highest recommendation." - Peter Schwotzer
Famous Monsters of Filmland


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  • Introduction for the anthology Deep Cuts, edited by E. S. Magill, Angel Leigh McCoy, and Chris Marrs (Evil Jester Press, 2013)
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