Photos and art from Meet the Hollowheads

lotetitlethm.jpg - 5526 Bytes loteposterthm.jpg - 9046 Bytes mthposterthm2.jpg - 9445 Bytes
This is the original title card for the opening credit sequence of Life on the Edge (I quite like this logo design) This is the actual poster for Life on the Edge... ...and this is the videocassette and laserdisc art for Meet the Hollowheads
edkitchenthm.jpg - 8915 Bytes lotekitchenthm.jpg - 10510 Bytes edkitchen2thm.jpg - 9174 Bytes
We were incredibly fortunate to have the hugely-talented Mr. Ed Eyth as our production designer and main concept artist. Ed's designs were so amazing that our art department tried to stick as closely to them as possible when it came to the actual sets. Compare Ed's kitchen design... this photo of the finished product. Here's another angle of Ed's kitchen.
edlivingroomthm.jpg - 6942 Bytes lotespikethm.jpg - 7001 Bytes ededgewalkthm.jpg - 6908 Bytes
Here's Ed's design for the living room... ...and the final living room, with Joshua Miller and Matt Shakman in hot pursuit of Schnutz Burman (in dog costume). This is one of Ed's concepts for the "Edge Walk" sequence (which became a matte painting at one point)

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