ThrallsPoster_web.jpg - 13867 BytesThralls (aka Blood Angels) - 2005, Screen Media Ventures.
Directed by Ron Oliver, starring Lorenzo Lamas, Leah Cairns, Siri Baruc, Shawn Roberts, Sonya Salomaa, Richard Ian Cox, Fiona Scott, Moneca Delain, and Lisa Marie Caruk.

Co-written with Brett Thompson.


"Hot vampire vixens, non-stop techno music and a serviceable story that combines elements of gore horror with light comedy - what more could you want in an unabashed, brazenly "B" movie?...Blood Angels will cast its spell on a target audience..." Buzz McClain, Video Business February 14, 2005

"...well-made production-wise and moves at a good clip...With the vampire genre having long ago been squeezed dry, maybe an extra-outrageous approach (sexy and sympathetic vampire babes, with Matrix-like fight moves) about the only way left...I'd have no objection to a sequel." Dr. Cyclops, Fangoria #243


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Insight Film Website
Article on location filming

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Read my editorial on the making of Blood Angels that originally appeared at Chiaroscuro

pixtag.jpg - 1222 BytesClick here to see the accursed photos from my visit to the Thralls set!

BLUEDEMONposter.jpg - 12834 Bytes Blue Demon - 2005, Unified Film Organization/Regent Entertainment.
Directed by Dan Grodnik, starring Dedee Pfeiffer, Randall Batinkoff, Jeff Fahey, Danny Woodburn and Josh Hammond.

Co-written with Brett Thompson, Ron Oliver and Dan Grodnik.

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Fangoria article

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GLASSTRAPposter.jpg - 12962 BytesThe Glass Trap - 2005, Itasca Pictures.
Directed by Fred Olen Ray, starring Stella Stevens, C. Thomas Howell, Siri Baruc, Andrew Prine, Chick Vennera, Martin Kove and Ron Harper.

Co-written with Brett Thompson.

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Fangoria Article

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mthposterthm.jpg - 15188 Bytes Meet the Hollowheads (original title: Life on the Edge) - 1989, Linden Entertainment/The Movie Store.
Directed by Tom Burman, starring John Glover, Nancy Mette, Richard Portnow, Matt Shakman, Juliette Lewis, Lightfield Lewis, Joshua Miller and Bobcat Goldthwait.

I co-wrote (with Tom Burman), served as Associate Producer, and appeared as "The Edge Slut" in the uncut version of the film.


"...lively, outrageous and imaginative... " Calvin Ahlgren, San Francisco Chronicle

" of 1989's unabashed guilty pleasures... " Jeff Shannon, Seattle Post Intelligencer

"...a strange little dark comedy... its cast couldn't be better... the film has wit..." Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"I can't believe somebody financed this HUH!? movie, directed by a special effects expert, but I'm sort of glad they did." Psychotronic magazine (issue #10)

Selected as one of 12 films to participate in the 1989 Avoriaz Film Festival

Grand Prix winner at the 1989 London Odeon Film Festival

pixtag.jpg - 1222 BytesClick here for a gallery of photos from Meet the Hollowheads
freereads.jpg - 1774 BytesClick here to read The Edgewise Guide to Filmmaking, a photojournal about the making of Meet the Hollowheads

dinos2thm.jpg - 13626 Bytes Adventures in Dinosaur City (original title: Dinosaurs) - 1990, Smart Egg/The Disney Channel.
Directed by Brett Thompson, starring Omri Katz, Tiffanie Poston and Shawn Hoffman.

I co-wrote (with Wili Baronet), served as Associate Producer and Miniatures Coordinator, and contributed lyrics to the song "Hit Me Over the Head Again, Darlin'" (title later changed to "Primitive Man", lyrics rewritten by Jane Wiedlin, who also performed the song).

pixtag.jpg - 1222 BytesClick here for a gallery of photos from Adventures in Dinosaur City

tornadothm.jpg - 8243 Bytes Tornado Warning - 2002, Regent Entertainment
Directed by Tibor Takacs, starring Gerald McRaney, Thea Gill and Steve Braun.

TV movie which the Pax Channel chose to launch their fall 2002 season. I co-wrote with Brett Thompson.

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othermovietag.jpg - 2635 BytesH. P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon - Produced/Co-Directed by Brian Yuzna. I contributed the unused first draft.

Sindbad's Dreamquest - Franck Films. Unproduced animated feature. I contributed one draft.

skyd1thm.jpg - 14452 BytesSky Dancers (1996) - Based on the phenomenally-successful (and later recalled) toy line, the animated action-fantasy show was produced by Abrams Gentile Entertainment and Gaumont. I wrote or co-wrote the following episodes:
  • "The Sky's the Limit" (available on videocassette or in storybook form)
  • "On Wings of Song" (available on videocassette)
  • "Blue Heaven"
  • "Statues"
  • "Forever Love"
  • "Ruffled Feathers"
  • "Where's My Body?"
  • "The Moment of Truth"
  • "Dark Star"

dragf2thm.jpg - 14618 BytesDragon Flyz (1996) - Based on the boys line of flying dolls, this show was also produced by Abrams Gentile Entertainment and Gaumont. I wrote the following episodes:
  • "The Mount Alayas"
  • "The Portal"
  • "Dread Wing Rules Part I"
  • "Dread Wing Rules Part II"

van2thm.jpg - 12330 BytesVan-Pires (1997) - From Abrams Gentile Entertainment. This weekly series combined live-action with state-of-the-art computer animation. I participated in the development of the series and wrote three of the first 13 shows:

  • "Unleaded Zeppelin"
  • "A Car is Born"
  • "Uncool Fuel"

othertvtag.jpg - 2682 Bytes Toontown Kids (1994) - A daily kiddie show for Disney affiliate stations. I was one of several staff writers who wrote wraparound segments for this Disney cartoon package.

In my distant past I was a special effects modelmaker and sculptor; I worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Special Edition, and The Abyss, to name a few. Click here to see photos from my effects days!