The 2009 Bram Stoker Award Finalists

Superior Achievement in a Novel
Audrey's Door by Sarah Langan (Harper). Sarah Langan's first novel The Keeper (2006) was a New York Times Editor's Pick. Her second novel, The Missing (2007), won the Bram Stoker Award for outstanding novel, was a Publisher's Weekly favorite book of the year, and an IHG outstanding novel nominee. Her third novel, Audrey's Door, is about a woman living in a haunted apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It was named a Locus Magazine Fantasy pick for 2010, was a Black Quill nominee, was optioned for film by the Weinstein Company, and, happily, has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. Langan has published a dozen short stories, one of which, "The Lost," also won a Bram Stoker Award.
Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry (St. Martin's Griffin). Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best-selling and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author, magazine feature writer, playwright, content creator and writing teacher/lecturer. His books have been sold to a dozen countries. He won the First Novel Stoker in 2006 for Ghost Road Blues (Pinnacle), and the Nonfiction Stoker – along with collaborator David F. Kramer — for The Cryptopedia (Citadel, 2007). His current nominated book, Patient Zero, is the first of a new series of horror thrillers and is in development for TV. His other works include the NY Times bestseller The Wolfman (Tor), The Dragon Factory (St Martins Griffin), Rot & Ruin (9/2010, Simon & Schuster), Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead (Winner of the Hinzman and Black Quill Awards and nominated for a Stoker), They Bite!, among others, and a variety of projects for Marvel Comics including Black Panther, Wolverine, Punisher, the NY Times bestselling Marvel Zombies Return, and Doomwar. Visit him at
Quarantined by Joe McKinney (Lachesis Publishing). In his day job, Joe McKinney is a homicide detective for the San Antonio Police Department with training in disaster mitigation and forensics, but he’s been writing horror, science fiction, and crime fiction professionally since 2005. In addition to Quarantined, he is the author of Dead City, Dodging Bullets, Apocalypse of the Dead, and, with Michael McCarty, Lost Girl of the Lake, due out later this year from Bad Moon Books. His most recent anthology, Dead Set, is due out in April. Joe currently lives in a little town just north of San Antonio with his wife Tina and their two lovely daughters.
Cursed by Jeremy Shipp (Raw Dog Screaming Press). Jeremy C. Shipp is a fiction author whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in over 50 publications, the likes of Cemetery Dance, ChiZine, Apex Magazine, Pseudopod, and Rosebud. While preparing for the forthcoming collapse of civilization, Jeremy enjoys living in Southern California in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse with his wife, Lisa, and their legion of yard gnomes. His books include Vacation, Sheep and Wolves, and Cursed. And thankfully, only one mime was killed during the making of his first short film, Egg. Feel free to visit his online home at
Superior Achievement in a First Novel
Breathers by S. G. Browne (Broadway Books). S.G. Browne is the author of Breathers, a dark comedy about life after undeath through the eyes of an ordinary zombie. A California native, he graduated from the University of the Pacific in Stockton and worked for several years doing post-production for the Disney Studios before escaping Hollywood to write novels. He currently lives in San Francisco.
Solomon's Grave by Daniel G. Keohane (Dragon Moon Press). Daniel G. Keohane's short stories have appeared in such horror and sci-fi and publications as Cemetery Dance, Apex Digest, Shroud Magazine, Fantastic Stories and many others, some receiving honorable mention in the annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror / Best Horror of the Year anthologies. His debut novel, Solomon's Grave, was released in 2009 by Dragon Moon Press. Along with L.L. Soares, Dan currently is co-chair of the New England Horror Writers organization. He and his family live in Massachusetts.
Damnable by Hank Schwaeble (Jove). Hank's first short story, "Mugwumps," appeared in the anthology Alone on the Darkside in 2006. In 2007, he won a Bram Stoker Award for the anthology Five Strokes to Midnight, which he co-edited with Gary Braunbeck and which included three of his short stories. The book was highly regarded, winning two Bram Stoker Awards and a World Fantasy Award nomination. The sequel to Damnable, Diabolical, will be coming out from Jove in 2011.
The Little Sleep by Paul Tremblay (Henry Holt). Paul G. Tremblay, a multiple nominee of the Bram Stoker Award, has sold over fifty short stories to markets such as Razor Magazine, CHIZINE, Weird Tales, and Best American Fantasy 3. Along with his novels The Little Sleep and No Sleep Till Wonderland, he is the author of the short speculative fiction collection Compositions for the Young and Old and the novellas City Pier: Above and Below and The Harlequin and the Train. He served as fiction editor of CHIZINE and as co-editor of Fantasy Magazine, and was also the co-editor (with Sean Wallace) of the Fantasy, Bandersnatch, and Phantom anthologies. Paul has also served as a juror for the Shirley Jackson Awards and is currently an advisor. He lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts, has a master’s degree in Mathematics, has no uvula, and he is represented by Stephen Barbara of Foundry Literary + Media. (Photo by Michael J. Maloney)
Superior Achievement in Long Fiction
"Dreaming Robot Monster" by Mort Castle (Mighty Unclean). This is Mort Castle's seventh nomination for the Stoker award. He's also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize (four times), and the International Horror Guild Award. Along with blues diva Koko Taylor ("Wang Dang Doodle") and HBO film star Etel Billig, Castle was cited as one of "21 Leaders in the Arts for the 21st Century in Chicago" by the Sun-Times Newspaper Group. His novels include The Strangers and Cursed Be the Child and his story collections are Moon on the Water, Nations of the Living, Nations of the Dead, and (forthcoming) New Moon on the Water. Castle edited Writing Horror and On Writing Horror, HWA books published by Writer's Digest Books, considered the Old(er) and New(er) Testament for horror writers. Along the way, he's also published some 600 "shorter things," ranging from textbook chapters to humor pieces in men's magazines. Castle is the only living author to appear in all five of the celebrated MASQUES series edited by the late J.N. Williamson. Castle teaches in the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago and has led writing workshops at the World Horror Convention for eight of the past ten years, as well as teaching at Borderlands "Boot Camp," "Green Lake Writing Conference," and about 1,000 other workshops and conferences. Castle and his wife Jane (39 years!) live in Crete, Illinois, where they have a really nice gazebo suited to listening to old radio programs, playing banjo, or projecting silent comedies on the back fence.
The Hunger of Empty Vessels by Scott Edelman (Bad Moon Books). Scott Edelman has published more than 75 short stories in magazines such as Postscripts, The Twilight Zone, Absolute Magnitude, Science Fiction Review and Fantasy Book, and in anthologies such as The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Crossroads, MetaHorror, Once Upon a Galaxy, Moon Shots, Mars Probes, Forbidden Planets. He has been a Stoker Award finalist five times, in the categories of both Short Story and Long Fiction. What Will Come After, a collection of his complete zombie stories, has just been released by PS Publishing. Additionally, Edelman currently works for the SCI FI Channel as the Features Editor for SCI FI Wire. He was the founding editor of Science Fiction Age, which he edited during its entire eight-year run. He has been a four-time Hugo Award finalist for Best Editor.
The Lucid Dreaming by Lisa Morton (Bad Moon Books). Lisa is the author of four non-fiction books (including the Stoker Award-winning A Hallowe'en Anthology), and a screenwriter whose works include Meet the Hollowheads and Blood Angels; she currently writes a monthly column on Asian horror cinema, "The East is Red", for The Black Glove. Her short fiction has appeared in dozens of books and magazines, most recently The Bleeding Edge, The Dead That Walk, and Unspeakable Horror; her story "Tested", from Cemetery Dance Magazine, won the 2006 Stoker Award for Short Fiction. Lisa's first novel, The Castle of Los Angeles, was recently released by Gray Friar Press. She lives online at
Doc Good's Traveling Show by Gene O'Neill (Bad Moon Books). Gene is at work on a new novel: Journals of the Collapse (an expansion of the Stoker nominated The Confessions of St. Zach). In the next year he will have released five or six short stories in various magazines and anthologies, several novellas from Bad Moon Books and Sideshow Press, and a novel from BMB: Deathflash.
Superior Achievement in Short Fiction
"Keeping Watch" by Nate Kenyon(Monstrous: 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror). Nate Kenyon's first two novels, Bloodstone and The Reach, were Bram Stoker Award finalists. The Reach received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was recently optioned for film. His third novel, The Bone Factory, was released in July 2009, and his fourth novel, Sparrow Rock, will be released in May 2010. His sci fi novella, Prime, was published by Apex Books. He has recently signed on to do a StarCraft:Ghost novel for Blizzard Entertainment and Pocket Books, to hit shelves in early 2011. Kenyon has had stories published in Terminal Frights, Shroud Magazine, Monstrous, Northern Haunts, Horrorworld, The Harrow, Dead Lines, and Legends of the Mountain State 2, among others, and has several more forthcoming, including four stories in the Dark Arts anthology When the Night Comes Down, premiering at the World Horror Convention.
"The Crossing of Aldo Ray" by Weston Ochse (The Dead That Walk). Weston Ochse lives in Southern Arizona. He walks frequently along the border and hears zombie cries from just beyond the fence. Part of him wants to go across. But another part of him knows that he might never come back. When he's not on the border, he can be found writing everything from fiction to recipes to emails for stalker fans. (Photo by Don Dehm)
"In the Porches of My Ears" by Norman Prentiss (Postscripts #18). Norman Prentiss lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and works as a high school English teacher. Since the summer of 2006, he has served as Associate Editor for Cemetery Dance magazine. His fiction has appeared in Best Horror of the Year, Tales from the Gorezone, Damned Nation, Postscripts, and the Shivers anthology series, and also at the Horror Drive-In website. His poetry has appeared in Writer Online, Southern Poetry Review, and Baltimore's City Paper. His essays on gothic and sensation literature have appeared in Victorian Poetry, Colby Quarterly, and The Thomas Hardy Review. Invisible Fences, his first book, is forthcoming in 2010.
"The Night Nurse" by Harry Shannon (Horror Drive-In). Harry Shannon has been an actor, a singer, an Emmy-nominated songwriter, a recording artist, a music publisher, VP at Carolco Pictures, Inc. and a free-lance Music Supervisor. He is author of Night of the Beast, Night of the Werewolf, Dead and Gone, and Daemon, the Mick Callahan suspense novels Memorial Day, Eye of the Burning Man, and One of the Wicked, and the acclaimed thriller The Pressure of Darkness. Dead and Gone was filmed by director Yossi Sasson for Lions Gate. A Host of Shadows, a collection of short fiction, will be released by Dark Regions Press in May, 2010.
Superior Achievement in an Anthology
He is Legend: edited by Christopher Conlon (Gauntlet Press). Christopher Conlon was a Stoker finalist last year for his first novel, Midnight on Mourn Street (Earthling), which he recently adapted for the stage. He has written four books of poems as well as two collections of short stories; his most recent publications include appearances in Dark Discoveries Magazine as well as the anthologies Appartions (Undertow) and The Bleeding Edge (Cycatrix). As an editor, Conlon has gathered the works of Jerry Sohl in two retrospective collections and edited two original anthologies, Poe's Lighthouse(Cemetery Dance) and He is Legend (Gauntlet/Tor). He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. Visit him online at
Lovecraft Unbound edited by Ellen Datlow (Dark Horse Books). Ellen Datlow has been editing short science fiction, fantasy, and horror for almost thirty years. She was co-editor of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and has edited or co-edited many other anthologies, most recently Inferno, Troll’s Eye View (with Terri Windling), Best Horror of the Year, Volumes 1 and 2, Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft Unbound, Tails of Wonder and the Imagination (a big, all-genre cat story reprint anthology), and Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror. Forthcoming are Best Horror of the Year, Volume 3, Digital Domains: A Decade of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Naked City: New Tales of Urban Fantasy, Haunted Legends (with Nick Mamatas), and two young adult anthologies, The Beastly Bride and Teeth (both with Terri Windling). She has won multiple awards for her editing, including the World Fantasy, Locus, Hugo, International Horror Guild, Shirley Jackson, and Stoker Awards. She was named recipient of the 2007 Karl Edward Wagner Award for "outstanding contribution to the genre." (Photo by Gregory Frost)
Poe edited by Ellen Datlow (Solaris). See her nomination in this category for Lovecraft Unbound.
Midnight Walk edited by Lisa Morton (Darkhouse Publishing). See her nomination in the Long Fiction category for The Lucid Dreaming.

Superior Achievement in a Collection
Martyrs and Monsters by Robert Dunbar (DarkHart Press). Robert Dunbar is the author of the supernatural thrillers The Pines and The Shore and the collection Martyrs & Monsters, but dark fiction has only recently become the principal focus of his career. He has penned articles for publications as diverse as Art & Understanding, On Stage, Cineaste, Dance Magazine and Writers Digest. Both his mainstream fiction and his poetry have appeared in respected literary journals, and several of his plays have been produced in regional theaters. Dunbar has also written extensively for television (and has appeared as a guest on a wide variety of programs). Currently, he’s launching a new small press – UNINVITED BOOKS – while finishing a novel.
Got to Kill Them All and Other Stories by Dennis Etchison (Cemetery Dance). Dennis Etchison's previous collections include The Dark Country (winner of both the World Fantasy Award and British Fantasy Award), Red Dreams, The Blood Kiss, The Death Artist, and Talking in the Dark. As an editor, Etchison has twice won the World Fantasy Award, for Metahorror and The Museum of Horrors; he also edited the influential three-volume Masters of Darkness. His previous Stoker nominations include the anthology Gathering the Bones, the short story "The Dog Park", and the collection The Blood Kiss. Novels include California Gothic, Double Edge, and Shadowman.
A Taste of Tenderloin by Gene O'Neill (Apex Book Company). See his nomination under Long Fiction for Doc Good's Traveling Show.
In the Closet, Under the Bed by Lee Thomas (Dark Scribe Press). Lee Thomas is the Bram Stoker Award and the Lambda Literary Award-winning author of Stained, Parish Damned, and The Dust of Wonderland. In the Closet, Under the Bed was released by Dark Scribe Press in 2009. Forthcoming releases include short fiction in the anthologies Dead Set, Darkness on the Edge, Horror Library Vol. 4, and Best Gay Stories 2010. His novellas The Black Sun Set (Burning Effigy Press) and Focus, co-written with Nate Southard, will also appear later this year. You can find him on the web at
Superior Achievement in Nonfiction
Writers Workshop of Horror by Michael Knost (Woodland Press). Michael Knost is an award-winning author, editor, and columnist from Chapmanville, WV. He has written many books in various genres, edited anthologies such as the Legends of the Mountain State series, and Writers Workshop of Horror. He has served as ghostwriter for several projects, including associations with the Discovery Channel and Lionsgate Media. He is currently working on a novel called To the Place I Belong. Visit
Cinema Knife Fight by L. L. Soares and Michael Arruda (Fearzone). Michael Arruda is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA). His short stories have been published in a variety of places, including anthologies, magazines, and online publications. In addition to horror, he's written young adult stories ("Monster on His Back" for Edo van Belkom's Be Very Afraid! anthology in 2002), children's stories ("Treasure Trouble" for Story Station in 2004) and science fiction ("Darkness" for The Eternal Night Chronicle in 2003). He's been writing the movie review column "In the Spooklight" for the HWA Newsletter since 2001.

L.L. Soares's fiction has appeared in such magazines as Cemetery Dance, Horror Garage, Bare Bone, Gothic.Net, and Lullaby Hearse, as well as the anthologies The Best of Horrorfind 2, Right House on the Left, Traps, and Raw: Brutality as Art. His story "Second Chances"ť received an Honorable Mention in the sixteenth annual edition of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling. He is an Active member of the HWA, as well as the current co-chair of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW). His first story collection, In Sickness (featuring stories by L.L. and his wife, Laura Cooney, as well as a novella they wrote together) will be published in 2010 by Skullvines Press. Check out his Web site at:

The Stephen King Illustrated Companion by Bev Vincent (Fall River Press). Bev Vincent is the author of The Road to the Dark Tower and The Stephen King Illustrated Companion, along with numerous interviews, essays and nearly sixty short stories, which have appeared in places like Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Cemetery Dance, Tesseracts Thirteen, The Blue Religion, Evolve and When the Night Comes Down. His work has been nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America, and this is his second nomination for the Bram Stoker Award. He is a contributing editor with Cemetery Dance, blogs about writing for Storytellers Unplugged and writes reviews for Onyx Reviews. He lives in Texas and can be found on the web at
Stephen King: The Non-fiction by Rocky Wood and Justin Brooks (Cemetery Dance). Rocky Wood has been a freelance non-fiction writer for over 30 years. He is the author of three other major King works – The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King; The Stephen King Collector’s Guide; and Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished, for which he received a previous Stoker nomination. His articles and stories have appeared in magazines in all English speaking countries. He's spoken at numerous conventions about Stephen King and has undertaken five research trips to Maine from his base in Melbourne, and he is an avid Rugby Union and Cricket fan.

Justin Brooks is the author of Stephen King: A Primary Bibliography of the World’s Most Popular Author and co-author (with Rocky Wood) of Stephen King: The Non-Fiction and The Stephen King Collector’s Guide (CD-ROM). He lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and a 15-pound yellow cat named Suzie. Please note that he has interest in all varieties of pseudo-intellectual studies and, contrary to popular belief, is not just interested in Stephen King.

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection
Double Visions by Bruce Boston (Dark Regions Press). Bruce Boston is the author of forty-five books and chapbooks, including the novels The Guardener's Tale and Stained Glass Rain. His fiction and poetry have appeared in hundreds of publications, most visibly in Asimov's SF Magazine, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, Strange Horizons, Realms of Fantasy, Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and The Nebula Awards Showcase, and received a number of awards, most notably, the Bram Stoker Award, a Pushcart Prize, the Asimov's Readers Award, the Rhysling Award, and the Grand Master Award of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. He lives in Ocala, Florida, with his wife, writer-artist Marge Simon. For more information, please visit his website at
North Left of Earth by Bruce Boston (Sam's Dot Publishing). See Bruce's nomination in this category for Double Visions.
Barfodder: Poetry Written in Dark Bars and Questionable Cafes by Rain Graves (Cemetery Dance). Rain Graves has been writing dark genre fiction and poetry professionally since 1997 in various anthologies and magazines. She is the recipient of the Bram Stoker Award for Poetry for her contribution in The Gossamer Eye, together with Mark McLaughlin and David N. Wilson in 2002. She is a noted spoken word performer and long time dance instructor (Argentine Tango), who keeps busy as a local favorite, as well as traveling across the country to audiences everywhere. Publisher's Weekly cites Graves' work in her latest book, Barfodder: Poetry Written in Dark Bars and Questionable Cafes as "Bukowski meets Lovecraft..." (January, 2009). More information can be found at her website:
Chimeric Machines by Lucy A. Snyder (Creative Guy Publishing). Lucy A. Snyder is the author of the dark urban fantasy novel Spellbent and the collections Sparks and Shadows, Chimeric Machines, and Installing Linux on a Dead Badger. Her writing has appeared in Strange Horizons, Farthing, Masques V, Doctor Who Short Trips: Destination Prague, Chiaroscuro, GUD, and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. She was born in South Carolina but grew up in San Angelo, Texas. She currently lives in Worthington, Ohio with her husband and occasional co-author Gary A. Braunbeck. To learn more about her and her books, please visit

The Lifetime Achievement Award
Click here for information on the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award winners.

The Specialty Press Award
The Horror Writers Association is pleased to announce that the 2010 Specialty Press Award has been awarded to Tartarus Press. The annual Specialty Press Award recognizes a publisher outside the mainstream New York City publishing community that specializes in dark-themed fiction. Winners are typically “small presses” specializing in limited editions, small print runs, or the work of new and relatively unknown authors. The winner of the award is determined by a majority vote of the HWA Board of Trustees. Ray Russell and Rosalie Parker’s Tartarus Press specializes in weird, ghostly, and gothic fiction ranging from reprints of obscure but notable novellas and novels to single-author collections of classics and brand new collections by contemporary writers. Tartarus has reprinted collections by Arthur Machen, F. Marion Crawford, Sarban, Robert Aickman, Edith Wharton, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, plus published new collections by Rhys Hughes, Mark Valentine, Peter Cannon, and Simon Strantzas, among others. Multiple award-winning editor Ellen Datlow said, “I’ve been following the maturation of Tartarus Press for all these twenty years and eagerly await each book they publish. I’m thrilled that they’re finally being honored this way.”

The Silver Hammer Award
The Board of Trustees of the Horror Writers Association is pleased to announce that this year’s Silver Hammer Award is being awarded to Kathryn Ptacek. The Hammer Award is given periodically to an HWA volunteer who has done a truly massive amount of work for our organization, often unsung and behind the scenes. It was instituted in 1996, and is decided by a vote of HWA's Board of Trustees. The award is so named because it represents the careful, steady, continuous work of building HWA's "house" -- the many institutional systems that keep the organization functioning on a day-to-day basis. The award itself is a chrome-plated hammer with an engraved plaque on the handle. The chrome hammer is also a satisfying allusion to The Beatles' song, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," a miniature horror story in itself. Kathy Ptacek has been HWA’s newsletter editor for the last decade, overseeing a staff of writers and proofreaders to produce the organization’s informative and entertaining monthly newsletter. Kathy has written novels in the fantasy, romance and horror genres, edited the acclaimed Women of Darkness anthologies, and was a 1989 Bram Stoker Award nominee for her short story “Each Night, Each Year”. Kathy also publishes and edits the popular Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets.. Past winners of the Silver Hammer Award include Lawrence Watt-Evans, Robert Weinberg and Douglas Winter.

The President's Richard Laymon Award
The Richard Laymon President's Award was created to recognize a volunteer within the HWA who's gone above and beyond the call of duty to help the organization. This year's winner of the Richard Laymon Award will be announced during the presentation of the Stoker Awards on the evening or March 27th.

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