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  • "Poppi's Monster", from The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein
  • "Ego-Alien" (aka "A New Force of Nature"), from White of the Moon
  • "With a Whimper", flash fiction written for the "Fraternity of Flash" project
  • Podcast of Richard Grove reading "The Devil", from Monsters of L.A.

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  • Have you read "Black Mill Cove" from Dark Delicacies and want to know about the inspiration behind it? Then click here


MALEDICTION is coming from Evil Jester Press in October 2013...
I'm pleased to announce that I've been signed to write a stand-alone novel based on the very successful Zombie Apocalypse anthology series edited by Stephen Jones. My book, Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased will be released in 2014.

In the meantime, you can read my contributions to the anthologies in The Mammoth Book of Zombie Apocalypse and The Mammoth Book of Zombie Apocalypse: Fightback.

My novel Netherworld will be released by JournalStone in 2014, and will launch a trilogy about the adventures of Lady Diana Furnaval, a nineteenth--century noblewoman who travels the world fighting mystical evil, accompanied by her young Chinese friend Yi-kin, her faithful cat Mina, and the mysterious and charismatic Stephen. Books Two and Three in the series will be released in 2015 and 2016.
THE CASTLE OF LOS ANGELES, Gray Friar Press, published in all e-book formats by Cemetery Dance. Introduction by Gary A. Braunbeck. Available in trade paperback. From Gary's extraordinary introduction: "The Castle of Los Angeles is, quite simply, a superlative piece of storytelling, one that will echo in your mind long after the lights have gone out..." And from Dennis Etchison: "She makes the familiar new, the commonplace fresh and more interesting than I had thought it was, and nourishing in unexpected ways. That she may not yet recognize this aspect of her work is no surprise, since it is the result of a creative process she performs as a matter of course. But she deserves my special thanks for digesting our particular world and giving it back to me in another form, colored by an intelligence that is, whether she knows it or not, as unique as a fingerprint."

The Castle of Los Angeles won the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel.

The Castle of Los Angeles was nominated for "Best Small Press Chill" by the 4th Annual Dark Scribe Awards.

The Castle of Los Angeles was named one of the Top 10 books of 2010 by Creature Feature Tomb of Horror, Famous Monsters' Peter Schwotzer, and Monster Librarian's David Agranoff.

From Creature Feature Tomb of Horror: "Lisa Morton ratchets up the terror without resorting to graphic gore, instead instilling a sense of creeping horror that seizes the reader like a cold, dead hand. The Castle of Los Angeles is one of the best horror novels of 2010..."

At, Mark Worthen said: "I found Castle hard to put down...Morton's characters are real, unforgettable people who haunt your imagination the same way her other creations haunt the Castle, and her writing is straightforward, always advancing the story, never impeding it...It's an excellent piece of fiction, to be placed alongside other masterworks of the ghost story. I recommend it for anyone's collection."

Famous Monsters says: "Haunted places and ghost stories are some of my most favorite reads and Castle of Los Angeles ranks up with there with some of my all time favorites like Ghost Story and The Shining. If you are looking for a well written, page turner of a ghost story you would be hard pressed to find anything published in the last few years as good as this."

Dark Scribe Magazine on Castle: "With the precision of master dark scribes boasting far more titles in their back catalogs, Morton deftly crafts a genuinely spine-tingling spooker, an homage to the haunted house tale that shrewdly never falls prey to the clichéd trappings of this familiar sub-genre....The Castle of Los Angeles is a sterling example of a classic framework successfully updated, bringing it forward from the relegation of throwback into the realm of relevance. With flawed, interesting characters and a multi-layered narrative that will keep even the most jaded dark fiction reader from seeing around every corner, Morton’s debut easily stands out as one of the best new books of the year."

At, W. D. Gagliani says: "...The Castle of Los Angeles is, like a contemporary play, an effective use of great storytelling to entertain us while telling us something we didn't know about ourselves."

From David Agranoff at Monster Librarian: "The Castle of Los Angeles is her first novel, and I think Morton is due for another well deserved Stoker award nomination...Bravo Lisa Morton, I'd like to start the standing ovation right now. The Castle of Los Angeles is a wonderful short horror novel."

And Rhonda Wilson, also at Monster Librarian, says: "Last year, one of my favorite reads was Morton’s Stoker-winning novella, The Lucid Dreaming. This year, The Castle of Los Angeles may very well be one of my favorites. This novel has a little bit of everything and is written beautifully...The strong casting and realistically creepy haunting scenes sprinkled throughout make this a powerful novel."

From a review by James Beach at Dark Discoveries: "The characterization is strong and Lisa keeps the chapters short and tight to keep the suspense going...A strong first novel by a writer to watch."

Horror Drive-In says it "...shines in numerous ways...a good debut novel...enough twists to keep you guessing until the end."

Read an excerpt at FearZone

Watch the book trailer at YouTube.


SUMMER'S END will be my third Halloween-themed novella, to be released by JournalStone Publishing on October 4, 2013, with cover art by Harry O. Morris. When a manuscript is discovered with the sixth-century corpse of a Celtic druid, Halloween expert Lisa Morton is called in to consult and soon finds that everything she thought she knew about the holiday is wrong - Samhain was not the Celts' year-end festival but really was the name of a god of death, magic is real, and the world is descending into madness...unless she can reverse history.

"With her new novella, Summer's End, Lisa Morton achieves something rare, arguably unique: she creates a genre that can be defined only by this piece of work. This challenging, exhilarating, darkly-humored, heartbreaking work is hands-down brilliant, the best work she’s ever done; it’s been a long time since the boundaries between the book and its author have been so expertly blurred, trapping the reader in the oppressive, nerve-wracking gray area between. Don't start reading with any preconceived notions about horror *or* storytelling because they'll be shredded into confetti and scattered to the dark winds. Just steel yourself for a reading experience that will rival any other piece of work you will encounter this year." — Gary A. Braunbeck, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of To Each Their Darkness

"In Summer's End, Lisa Morton has created something so strikingly unique that it stands alone in the genre. All writers pull their work from inside themselves, but Morton has literally put herself inside the work, and she has pulled it off so beautifully, so seamlessly, that it does not read like fiction — it reads like an account of actual events. Her extensive knowledge of her subject and her impeccable skills as a writer and storyteller are combined in a wicked and delightful potion that gave me real goosebumps, real chills, and reminded me that horror fiction can and should frighten the hell out of the reader. Summer's End is a thin volume, but it is a formidable achievement. I'll never look at a jack-o'-lantern the same way again." — Ray Garton, author of Live Girls and Meds

SMOG will be part of the exciting new "Double Down" series published by JournalStone, and will be released in September 2013 with wraparound cover art by Alan Clark. Each entry in this series will include two novellas, packaged back-to-back in the style of the old "Ace Double" paperbacks, and each volume pairs an established author with a fresh voice. I was honored to be asked to participate, alongside my friends Gene O'Neill, Gord Rollo, Joe McKinney and Harry Shannon, and for my partner I invited in Eric J. Guignard, who delivered a kickass mix of 1950s Detroit hustlers with Lovecraftian-style cosmic horror in his novella Baggage of Eternal Night. I took my cue from the period setting of Eric's work and set Smog in the L.A. suburbs of the early '60s, when housing developments had replaced Southern California's orange groves, the aerospace industry was king, rock-and-roll played by KHJ blared from teenagers' transistor radios, and the smog was at its worst. The novella follows a girl, Joey, poised on the edge of adolescence, who realizes that the smog is doing something terrible to the older kids in her once-idyllic suburb, and who soon finds herself stuck in a vicious fight for survival.

"With Smog, Lisa Morton has created the perfect coming-of-age story. This is a tale of a magical time, with wonderful characters and a gripping plot that just won't let go. This is Morton at her very best and you don't want to miss this one." – John R. Little, Author of The Memory Tree, Miranda, and Ursa Major

HELL MANOR is my second Halloween-themed novella. Published in trade paperback by Bad Moon Books and in e-book by Crossroads Press. Jack Lichtner is the genius behind Hell Manor, America's most successful Halloween haunted house. Mazes, scare zones, live actors, special effects, crazy gore...Hell Manor's got it all. But Jack gets in over his head when he hires Maeve, a mysterious woman with a penchant for bloody magic and murderous kin who want her back. This Halloween, Jack must use all his powers of illusion to fight off the real magic of the ancient tricksters who have invaded Hell Manor. Cover art by Philip Simpson.

"Is there a horror writer better than Lisa Morton working in the small-press today?...a damned fine piece of fiction...The small behind-the-scenes glimpses we’re given into the inner workings of a Haunted House attraction are also wonderfully informative, and help immensely in setting the mood. I read this book about a week before Christmas, but for an hour, Lisa Morton made it feel like Halloween all over again." - Dan Reilly, Horror World

"Lisa has really come into her own as a writer and is in my opinion one of the best writers in dark fiction today. With Hell Manor she gives us a tale where she draws upon her vast knowledge of Halloween…and what a tale it is. If you have ever gone to a haunted house attraction on Halloween, and who hasn’t, you will absolutely love this story." - Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters

"I thought Morton had outdone herself last year with The Samhanach, but she continues to surprise me. This may be her best book yet...She's the most powerful female horror author out there from what I've read, and I hope more people take notice of that. I highly recommend this book to everyone!" - Rhonda Wilson, Monster Librarian

"Lisa Morton's Hell Manor is like being chained to the front of a runaway ghost train. Relentless in its pacing, and drenched in dark, Celtic magic, Morton delivers one fright after the next; leaving the reader with a shaky, post-nightmare buzz, well after the tale has come to an end. Highly recommended Halloween reading!" - Greg Chapman, author of Vaudeville, The Noctuary, Torment, and Midnight Theatre: Tales of Terror

Hell Manor received an Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year 5.

WILD GIRLS was first published direct to Kindle; it's no longer available in e-format, but is now a signed and limited hardcover from Bad Moon Books. Wild Girls chronicles the (mis)adventures of Jessie and Dens, two roomies in a small southern town who like movies, drinking, collecting glittery stickers...and the occasional killing spree. Definitely not for the squeamish.

"...a fun and gruesome novella…Highly recommended!” - Rhonda Wilson, MonsterLibrarian

THE SAMHANACH, Bad Moon Books; e-book available from Crossroads Press. Art by Frank Walls. Trade paperback. Lesley Bannatyne, author of Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History, says, "Morton has disinterred centuries-old folklore to breathe life into a little-known Halloween monster. The Samhanach goes right to the crux of our deepest fears - the abduction of our children-and pits the power of family against the terror of a shapeshifting killer bent on revenge. Deeply and darkly disturbing." Joe McKinney, author of Quarantined and Apocalypse of the Dead, says, "The Samhanach is a deceptively complex little book. Densely layered with Lisa Morton's encyclopedic knowledge of Halloween, it nonetheless moves with the lightning pace of a top-notch thriller. It evokes the Gothic through a family curse, the terror and wonder of the faery realm, the horror of arcane rights and ceremonies, yet still manages a delightfully scathing critique of what modern American suburbia has done to this ancient custom. Lisa Morton has recaptured Halloween and made it terrifying again. I found The Samhanach brilliant through and through."

The Samhanach was nominated for the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction.

The Samhanach was listed at the top of The Monster Librarian's Top Picks for 2011.

"Lisa has crafted a wonderful tale that really captures the spirit of classic Halloween tales. The Samhanach can stand with it's demonic head held high in the company of such greats as The Halloween Tree and Dark Harvest. Lisa Morton has captured the essence of a great fireside story, I could imagine my Grandfather on a chilly October night, pipe in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other trying to chill to us with his tales of Scottish monsters." - Ginger Nuts of Horror

"Lisa Morton delves into ancient Celtic folklore to weave an imaginative Halloween tale that recalls the origins of the holiday and the bogies that lurk in the dark. The story takes on a great dark fantasy twist when Merran has to enter the dark fairie realm in order to save her daughter from the shape-shifting Samhanach. With vivid descriptions of the fairie world and the devastation caused by the Samhanach, as well as beautiful cover art by Frank Walls, this is a great novella to add to your collection. Recommended." - Colleen Wanglund, Monster Librarian

"The Samhanach is another home run for Lisa Morton. Fans of Halloween fiction should not pass this one up. Get yourself a copy and read it on Halloween night! Highly recommended!" - David Agranoff, Monster Librarian

"I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fast and creepy read this Halloween, or any day, for that matter!" - Rhonda Wilson, Monster Librarian

THE LUCID DREAMING, Bad Moon Books; available in e-book from Crossroads Press. Art by Zach McCain. Trade paperback limited to 150 copies; lettered hardback (with additional short story) limited to 26 copies. Dark Scribe says: "In her new novella, The Lucid Dreaming, Lisa Morton takes an apocalyptic theme and doses it with psychotics until the usual notion of the apocalypse is a mere fever dream. Inject a searing-dry wit and cynical, post-punk protagonist, and you’ve got a night terror of a tale...The Lucid Dreaming is one candy-coated pill you should swallow willingly." In Cemetery Dance #64, Robert Morrish notes: "'s certainly not 'standard fare'...Indeed, there are moments of grandeur to be found in these pages". From Bookgasm: " intriguing take...sharply odd but appealing energy...a pleasantly twisted kicker of an ending...". Monster Librarian says "The Lucid Dreaming is one of the best novellas I have ever read...Morton gives the reader a bit of everything within less than 100 pages... action, suspense, thrills, romance, and of course, horror! She's definitely an author to keep an eye out for in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" Horror Fiction Review says: "Morton's novella is a fresh take on the apocalyptic thing, complete with interesting social commentary, a cult of brainwashed rednecks, and much food for thought. And with a satisfyingly eerie conclusion, you can't go wrong with this LUCID DREAM." And this from "I appreciated Spike’s sassy, world-weary point of view, which lends the perversely ironic culmination of her odyssey a satisfying resonance...with one of the most memorable final lines I’ve encountered in some time." King of the Nerds says "This is really a great little story that I highly recommend fans of horror and particularly post-apocalyptic fiction take a look at." The Lucid Dreaming has been named one of the best books of 2009 by Dead Lines.

The Lucid Dreaming won the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction.

The Lucid Dreaming received an Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year 2009

The original, never-before-published short story that provided the basis for The Lucid Dreaming is on view at

The "Lucid Dreaming" short story is also available in Portuguese.


THE FREE WAY, Fool's Press. Illustrated by Rick Pickman. Trade paperback limited to 250 copies signed by Lisa Morton and Rick Pickman.

ANTHOLOGIES (as editor)

HALLOWEEN SPIRITS. Kindle e-book. 11 stories by Maria Alexander, Kealan Patrick Burke, Nate Kenyon, Joe McKinney, Lisa Morton, Joseph Nassise, Scott Nicholson, John Palisano, Rick Pickman, Jeremy Shipp, and Simon Wood. Two of the stories here - "Bones Lie Quietly Now" by Nate Kenyon and "Trick or Die" by Rick Pickman - are original to this volume. Also includes a special 2,000-word introduction about the history of Halloween and how these stories reflect that.

Halloween Spirits received an Honorable Mention on Literary Mayhem's list of the Best Books of 2010.

"...Halloween Spirits does not disappoint. Some previously published and new tales populate this exceptional collection. It is a veritable collection of tales from some of the finest purveyors of horror fiction today...Halloween Spirits receives my highest Halloween recommendation and has just been added to my annual Halloween to be read pile." - Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

MIDNIGHT WALK, Darkhouse Publishing. Trade paperback. 14 original stories. Famous Monsters of Filmland raved "If you love well written, spine tingling short stories, Midnight Walk is a must for your collection," and Hellnotes said, "Midnight Walk is a cornucopia of wonderful works." Read more great reviews and snag your own copy at Darkhouse Publishing.

Midnight Walk was nominated for the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in an Anthology.

Midnight Walk won the Black Quill Award for Best Dark Genre Anthology.

Two stories from Midnight Walk ("The Bear Who Swallowed the Sky" by Jason M. Light and "The Svancara Supper Society" by Joey O'Bryan) received Honorable Mentions in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year 2009.

Read Jodi Kaplan Lester's Midnight Walk story "The Guixi Sisters" at


MONSTERS OF L.A.. Bad Moon Books, e-book published by Crossroads Press. 19 never-before-published short stories and 1 novelette ("The Urban Legend") that re-introduce the classic movie monsters into contemporary Southern California settings. At the back of the book are small essays that discuss the setting of each story, providing some local history. Also included are eight photographs.
  • "Frankenstein"
  • "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
  • "The Phantom"
  • "The Hunchback"
  • "Dracula"
  • "The Bride"
  • "The Mummy"
  • "The Invisible Woman"
  • "The Mad Scientist"
  • "The Werewolf"
  • "The Haunted House"
  • "Cat People"
  • "The Creature"
  • "The Alien"
  • "Kaiju (Giant Monster)"
  • "The Devil"
  • "The Slasher"
  • "The Killer Clown"
  • "The Urban Legend"
  • "The Zombie"

Monsters of L.A. was nominated for the 2011 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Fiction Collection.

"Lisa Morton is becoming the horror author’s version of Meryl Streep, I mean, she keeps writing books worthy of award nominations and wins. She has done it again!... TThis is an excellent and diverse collection of horror, dark humor and weird fiction. It is also an informative love letter to the city Morton calls home..." - Postcards from a Dying World

"Unlike other collections and anthologies, where I feel free to jump around and read stories at whim, I kind of felt like this collection needed to be read from front to back, kind of like how you listen to certain albums beginning to end. Pink Floyd, anyone? While comparing this book to one of those iconic records like The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon might be a stretch, it's a good book that really shows a love and abiding dedication to a city that is long fabled as a glitzy train wreck. Monsters of L.A. might not be a love letter to the city, but it's definitely a love letter to monsters." - Wag the Fox

" unpredictable and entertaining collection." - Robert Morrish, Twilight Ridge

" I was expecting it to be just a tidbit of each story but some lead into each other. I loved it... If you like horror you will love this collection. Some of the stories are bizarre and even scary. Best of all they are well written! I highly recommend this book!...I give Monsters of L.A. by Lisa Morton 5 of 5 stars." - Sweeping Me

"This book was nothing like I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a sort of silly story that happened to have characters that duplicated as classic monsters all sort of tangled together in one large story verging on the convoluted. Monsters of L.A. is nothing like that... it’s a great collection of stories ranging from funny to creepy to heartbreaking..." - Working for the Mandroid

"What Lisa Morton managed to do was way beyond what I thought this book would be about. She was able to breathe new life into twenty staples of horror Hollywood. ..The longest story, which is also my favorite, 'The Urban Legend', was simply brilliant. It took the legend of a race of lizard people living beneath the city and brought it to life through character and story. It was a brilliant example of this authors work, work that I would love to read more of at some point in time." - Wordsmithonia

"This collection of short stories is one of the best I've read, some intertwine within each other and some are stand alone but the adaptations of popular myths and monsters is brilliant...The very essence of this book is to adapt popular fiction and find new and interesting ways of retelling them and it works amazingly well...Morton is very talented at adapting the stories to create her own interesting take on them!!" - Passion for Novels

".. the best thing about this anthology? The writing. The humour alone was enough to leave me in giggling hysterical fits as I rode home on the subway...The Haunted House - 5/5 I absolutely loved this story. I think it might have been my favourite of the whole collection. It tells the story of an old house and how this ghost hunter show tries to make it into a haunted house to raise their ratings. The house is so upset because all it wants is to be happy and have a family live inside to take care of it, and it feels like these ghost hunters are ruining her chances at happiness. It was fabulously written and I highly enjoyed it!...The Zombie 5/5 I'm not a huge fan of zombies, but Lisa Morton wrote a fantastic zombie story in this collection. I can't say too much without ruining it, but it nicely weaves together a few of the other stories from this collection and paints a vivid picture of a post-apocalyptic world and the characters trapped within it...Overall this was a great collection and I highly enjoyed reading it." - Rants 'N Scribbles

Click here to listen to Army of Darkness co-star Richard Grove ("Henry the Red") reading "The Devil"


  • "She Devil-a-Go Go", Hell Comes to Hollywood 2, Big Time Books *
  • "Zolamin and the Mad God", DEEPEST, DARKEST EDEN, Miskatonic River Press *
  • "Hollywood Hannah", THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PSYCHO STORIES, Constable and Robinson *
  • "Feel the Noise", SHIVERS VII, Cemetery Dance *
  • "Golden State", DARK FUSION: WHERE MONSTERS LURK, PS Publishing *
  • "The End of the World Man", SHOCKLINES, Cemetery Dance *
  • "High Desert", THE FORSAKEN, 23 House Publishing *
  • "St. Thomas of El Paso", DEAD WEST, Bandersnatch *
  • "Coming to Day", THE HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT #2, Damnation Books
  • "The Willowstown Women's Cut and Dye Club", BEAUTY SHOP QUARTET, Hummingbird House Press
  • "Red Ink", SHADOW MASTERS, Imajin Publishing
  • "The Resurrection Policy", AFTER DEATH, Dark Moon Books
  • "Angel Killer", NIGHTSCAPES: VOLUME I, Nightscape Press
  • "The True Worth of Orthography", Blood Rites, Blood Bound Books
  • "The Legend of Halloween Jack", Cemetery Dance E-Book
  • "Day of the Dead", ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2, Running Press/Robinson
  • "The Secret Engravings", DANSE MACABRE, Edge Publishing
  • "World Without End", I WILL RISE, Delirium
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  • "Blood for the American People", HORROR FOR GOOD, Cutting Block Press
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  • "Journal of the Dreaming", available only in the lettered hardback edition of THE LUCID DREAMING, Bad Moon Books
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  • "The Last Resort", DARK PASSIONS: HOT BLOOD XIII, Kensington; reprinted in BRIMSTONE DREAMS, edited by Joseph Nassise
  • "Forces of Evil, Starring Robert Fields" (with Richard Grove), MIDNIGHT PREMIERE, Cemetery Dance
  • "The Maenads", THE VAULT OF PUNK HORROR, Vault of Punk Horror
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  • "Virus Verses", Dreamforge May '95

Titles in green won the Bram Stoker Award for Short Fiction

Titles in blue received "Honorable Mention" in THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR


THE LIVING DEAD was nominated for the 2008 World Fantasy Award
UNSPEAKABLE HORROR won the 2008 Stoker Award for Best Anthology
HORROR LIBRARY VOLUME 3 was nominated for the 2008 Stoker Award for Best Anthology
MIDNIGHT PREMIERE was nominated for the 2007 Stoker Award for Best Anthology
MONDO ZOMBIE won the 2006 Stoker Award for Best Anthology
DARK DELICACIES won the 2005 Stoker Award for Best Anthology
DARK TERRORS 6 won the 2003 International Horror Guild Award for Best Anthology, and was nominated for the British Fantasy Award for Anthology
THE MUSEUM OF HORRORS won the 2002 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology
HORRORS! 365 SCARY STORIES won the 1998 Stoker Award for Best Anthology
WHITE OF THE MOON was nominated for the 1999 International Horror Guild Award for Best Anthology, and for the 1999 British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology
DARK TERRORS was nominated for the 1996 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology, and for the 1995 British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology

Many of the books listed above can be found at the Advanced Book Exchange


For "Silk City" from THE BLEEDING EDGE: "... other authors provide excellent, praiseworthy stories...Lisa Morton's Silk City is a terrifying journey into the bowels of a dilapidated hotel, now inhabited by malevolent and venomous, giant spiders." - The Zone

For "Diana and the Goong-si" from MIDNIGHT WALK: "'Diana and the Goong-si', my favorite of the book, (as everyone who knows me can tell you, vampires in all their guises are my favorite) is a tale of a woman traveling a great distance at great risk and peril to try and find her missing husband. She arrives in a strange world and finds herself engaged in a battle with a local legend, a vampiric creature that is intent on fulfilling its unholy thirst for blood, but not in the way you think. This is a great take on the vampire mythos that is fresh, scary and very well written." - Famous Monsters of Filmland

"I loved the strong female character in this story, as well as the location and time in which the story was set. The Goong-Si is also a very different type of vampire than the creatures from our Western world, making it an even more exciting read." - Fatally Yours

"Lisa Morton's 'Diana and the Goong-Si' centers around a British woman who is trying to find her missing husband, and the rumored creature who may have killed him. Set in 19th century Britain and China, the tale weaves history with horror, and will leave you with a smile on your face by the time it's all over. Also, the story leaves itself open to a sequel, one I'm hoping we'll see sometime down the road (if it isn't out there already)." - Horror Drive-In

For "The Devil Came to Mamie's on Hallowe'en" from Cemetery Dance #60: "Morton excels at creating a rich setting for her characters to take root. She carefully weaves superstitions and folktales into the narrative, all the while creating a new story from their ashes". - Dark Scribe Magazine

For "Sparks Fly Upward" from MONDO ZOMBIE, reprinted in THE LIVING DEAD: "Recently prolific anthologist Adams (Seeds of Change) delivers a superb reprint anthology that runs the gamut of zombie stories. There's plenty of gore, highlighted by Stephen King's “Home Delivery” and David Schow's classic “Blossom.” Less traditional but equally satisfying are Lisa Morton's “Sparks Fly Upward,” which analyzes abortion politics in a zombified world, and Douglas Winter's literary pastiche “Less than Zombie.” - Publisher's Weekly

For "Forces of Evil, Starring Robert Fields" from MIDNIGHT PREMIERE: "'Forces of Evil, Starring Robert Fields' is the name of the story written by Lisa Morton and Richard Grove. It's one of the more provocative stories in the anthology. Most should know Morton as a veteran screenwriter and short story writer. She's a Shocklines regular. Grove is a thespian that is best known for his memorable portrayal of Henry the Red, from Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness. The story deals with some uncomfortable doings on the set of a movie that looks suspiciously like Army of Darkness. It also gives some insight into high school violence and the persecution of outsiders that love genre cinema." - Horror Drive-In

For "Black Mill Cove" from DARK DELICACIES: "Two standouts, Lisa Morton's story of a solitary abalone forager stumbling across a mass murderer, and Playboy cartoonist Gahan Wilson's about a macabre artist whose grim subjects may be all too real, sell the volume all on their own." - Booklist

"...Lisa Morton contributes 'Black Mill Cove', a tense tale of terror set in the wilderness with a load of poison in its tail." - Emerald City

"The primary mission for Del and Jeff with their Horror anthology is make it genuinely horrifying. Several of the writers within push themselves to the task admirably. Lisa Morton goes all out with the harrowing tale, 'Black Mill Cove', which is one of the standouts for me." -

"...a dark, gruesome turn..." - Fangoria

"...a horrific story of "things" in the water." - Library Journal

From SHIVERS magazine #14 review of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF FRANKENSTEIN: "There are a few stories which affected me deeply. Lisa Morton's 'Poppi's Monster' brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. The story follows the life of Stacey, daughter of Poppi, her drunken and violent father. The piece has great depth and beauty in its simplicity, and I felt for the child trapped in a world not of her making."

From PUBLISHERS WEEKLY March 26, 2001 review of AFTER SHOCKS: "Lisa Morton's 'El Cazador'... decode[s] dark truths encrypted in the tags of Los Angeles graffiti artists...all well written, the stories... suggest that their horror is more a universal idiom than a regional dialect."

From, July 23, 2001 review of WHITE OF THE MOON: "Lisa Morton's 'A New Force of Nature' handles suicide, a topic which I find entirely terrifying on its own, in such a way as to inflate it from private holocaust to widespread infection. The whole anthology is excellent..." (Mehitobel Wilson)