Photos and art from Adventures in Dinosaur City

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A gigantic French poster for the film The official cast and crew photo. Director Brett Thompson is near front and center; I'm somewhere near the middle, cuddling with Marc Martorana, who played "Tops" But this may be the real cast and crew photo: Another late night on Dinosaurs with director Brett Thompson, Shawn Hoffman, Lisa, Tiffanie Poston, Omri Katz, and, kneeling, second unit cameraman Andreas Kossak
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Filming the Tartown bar brawl A gorgeous pre-production painting by Don Davidson, showing Forry's treehouse A cut scene: Mom and Dad at the Physics conference. The other conference attendees were played by crewmembers including director Brett Thompson (center), me (two people to the left of Brett), Production Designer Mike Stuart (far right, with seashell to ear), creature designer John Criswell (seated just below me), and (standing, second from right) CGI effects creator Habib Zargarpour
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I'm posing here with our power plant miniature The beautiful miniature of the Dinosaur Reaper from the graveyard Not a miniature, but an honest-to-goodness full-size set: The dinosaur railroad ran through about sixty feet of our stage

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