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Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween was published in October by Reaktion Books in hardback (a trade paperback is coming for October 2013). This comprehensive and up-to-date book looks at Halloween and similar celebrations around the globe (including Dia de los Muertos), and includes color and black-and-white illustrations throughout.

"This is an excellent survey of the Hallowe'en scene, informative and accessible, far more treat than trick." - Kim Newman, author of Nightmare Movies and Anno Dracula

"Simply the best book about Halloween I have ever read and if you are a fan of the holiday like I am, this is a must add to your library!" - Tim Janson, Mania.com

Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween was awarded the 2012 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Non-fiction, and won the Grand Prize at the 2012 Halloween Book Festival.

Malediction, my second novel, is coming from Evil Jester Press this October. Malediction is about the cursed history of Los Angeles; a natural healer named Gwen who will have the limits of her abilities tested by May Blanco, a teenaged psychotic who possesses destructive supernatural abilities; a disgraced folklore professor who is himself the victim of a historic curse; and the ghost of Petra de Feliz, a nineteenth-century Californio who now haunts the rich land that should have been hers.

My new Halloween-themed novella Summer's End is coming from JournalStone this October. When a manuscript is discovered with the sixth-century corpse of a Celtic druid, Halloween expert Lisa Morton is called in to consult and soon finds that everything she thought she knew about the holiday is wrong - Samhain was not the Celts' year-end festival but really was the name of a god of death, magic is real, and the world is descending into madness...unless she can reverse history. With cover art by Harry O. Morris.

"With her new novella, Summer's End, Lisa Morton achieves something rare, arguably unique: she creates a genre that can be defined only by this piece of work. This challenging, exhilarating, darkly-humored, heartbreaking work is hands-down brilliant, the best work she's ever done; it's been a long time since the boundaries between the book and its author have been so expertly blurred, trapping the reader in the oppressive, nerve-wracking gray area between. Don't start reading with any preconceived notions about horror or storytelling because they'll be shredded into confetti and scattered to the dark winds. Just steel yourself for a reading experience that will rival any other piece of work you will encounter this year." Gary A. Braunbeck, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of To Each Their Darkness

"In Summer's End, Lisa Morton has created something so strikingly unique that it stands alone in the genre. All writers pull their work from inside themselves, but Morton has literally put herself inside the work, and she has pulled it off so beautifully, so seamlessly, that it does not read like fiction it reads like an account of actual events. Her extensive knowledge of her subject and her impeccable skills as a writer and storyteller are combined in a wicked and delightful potion that gave me real goosebumps, real chills, and reminded me that horror fiction can and should frighten the hell out of the reader. Summer's End is a thin volume, but it is a formidable achievement. I'll never look at a jack-o'-lantern the same way again." Ray Garton, author of Live Girls and Meds

Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times is coming from McFarland, although it can also be ordered through Amazon. This unique graphic novel was co-written by Rocky Wood and illustrated by Greg Chapman.

Witch Hunts won the 2012 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel.

J. L. Comeau at The Tomb of Dark Delights had this to say about Witch Hunts: "Enlightening, entertaining, and marvelously illustrated, Witch Hunts is a splendid and comprehensive guide to the Burning Times." Peter Schwotzer at Famous Monsters said it was "absolutely stunning", and Matthew Tait at Hellnotes called it "glossy, defined, and above all enlightening."

To find out more about Witch Hunts and see some of the superb artwork, check out the official Witch Hunts Book website.


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This unmarked tomb in New Orleans' St. Louis Cemetery #1 is reputed to hold the remains of "Voodoo Queen" Marie Laveau. Although no one is actually sure where either Marie or her daughter ended up resting, that hasn't stopped thousands of believers from leaving gris-gris at this tomb and using bricks broken off from nearby tombs as part of a ritual that also involves drawing three x's on Marie's tomb.
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*=Not to be confused with Lisa Morton the actress, Lisa Morton the bodybuilder, Lisa Morton the cultural anthropologist, Lisa Morton the former member of Second City, Lisa Morton the horse breeder, Lisa Morton the stylist, Lisa Morton the Powerdown Coordinator in Scotland, Lisa Morton the hockey player, Lisa Morton the soccer player, Lisa Morton the botanist, Lisa Morton the Miami Policewoman, Lisa Morton the illustrator, Lisa Morton who you went to elementary school with in Florida, Lisa Morton who was killed on Dexter, certainly not Lisa Morton who got caught pulling off pyramid schemes in New Zealand or kiting checks in New Jersey, or any other Lisa Morton who's not me.

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